Lots of time spent removing soil and grading the front parking area.

Prepping for the ICF (insulated concrete form) foundation for the straw bale walls.

Here we go with the ICF structure- very straight forward.

Filling ICFs with concrete.

Made on a Mac

Now the “super studs” go up to frame the straw bale fill.

The SIPs (structurally insulated panels) roof gets laid over the existing old barn roof.

Kenny and his team from KC Construction make installing the SIPs roof look easy.

Dave Lanfear and Marty Willett stay cheerful throughout.

Finally our sign goes up in time for the Straw Bale Workshop. So does the fabulous snowflake light in the main entrance.

The second day of the workshop (see link for the main photo album) had the very wonderful Ezsha McCarthy come back to keep on building, and the very lovely Cindy Chapman lent a hand too.

Dave watches Jim Watson setting some bales.

A lot of work got done in two days.

Thanks to ALL OF YOU who so generously gave your time and efforts.

Things are starting to take shape...