Nothing stopped Dan from getting on with work.

Lots and lots of garlic hanging everywhere once the harvest got started

Huge amount of earth moving and gravel laying to get our drive & car park made useable.

Curved wall gets built - hoorah!

Viv’s daughter Katie is here for a few weeks of the summer. Here she is trying to crush  garlic with various building tools. I know not why.

Solar Liberty get things started. They were great.

Katie’s lovely friends from the UK cam to stay too. They obliged and painted the solar panel posts and kept us entertained as well! The more the merrier.

In no time, panels are erected. Waiting for National Grid to do the hook up.

> July / August 2010 <

Tom & Viv constantly checking ‘everything’!

> September / October 2010 <




I gave Katie the task of painting an illustration on the ladies room wall. She normally works at a much smaller scale but rose to the challenge nicely. Please come back and finish it though, Katie....

Tom put a virtual call out to all the local garlic lovers to ask for some help in processing the 2010 garlic harvest. Here are some photos of the happy day in September.