Jim and our dear friend Eberhard (from Munich)wrapped the old barn in her new siding in about 4 weeks.

Jim Watson (aka best brother-in-law you could hope for) brought his skills and gusto to orchestrate the hemlock siding.

Here it is. A 60kw 80% efficient propane boiler. This will operate as our main source of heat in order to give us a ‘baseline’ from which we can apply for a govt. grant to install a high efficient wood burning stove. Then we will be warm and sustainable!

Tom lending a hand to get’er done before the bad weather sets in.

Our energy star windows were installed and the beautiful hemlock looks great

Mark Stevens from Wilson Street Urban Farm is also a master carpenter, very kindly built our front entrance in white oak.

Our reclaimed  victorian doors look good against the modern framework.

Tom and his good friend David Quattrini design a hot water system to heat the barn’s radiant floor network.

All wrapped up for winter!

> October /November 2010 <

Viv then stains it black!

> December 2010 <