Cooking or consuming garlic

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September 11, 2012


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Cooking with Garlic.
In ever clove of garlic there is a chemical call allin and an enzyme called allinase. When crushing, mincing, slicing or any other method combines the two, a volatile chemical reaction takes place and a whole new compound is formed, illicit. Allicin has your flavors, aromas and many health benefits however once allicin is produced it only has a half-life of 3 hours and heat above 107 degrees F kills allicin. Therefore we recommend using garlic as an early ingredient but also adding it just before consumption to get the wonder flavors and health benefits. One additional work of caution, storing garlic in oil is not recommended. With out allicin present, botulism can form. The reason you find it in the grocery store is that an acid is added to prevent botulism. This practice also deprives the user of allicin. True garlic lovers are hooked on Allicin

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  1. Lily Gorski says:

    I’ve been buying small amounts from you for the last couple years, and have enjoyed the flavor of the garlic. Nice work!

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