Covering the garlic for winter

posted by tom
August 24, 2012


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  1. Ruth Klaver says:

    Hi: My husband was Otto Klaver who gave the hardneck garlic to our son Richard who no longer is able to grow this garlic.
    I now live in Crossville Tn. I would love to have more of this hardneck garlic. I think I still have a little but it didn’t grow well this year. I don’t think I had it in full sun. I have through grown it for the past seven years I have been here since Otto’s death. If you could send me a pound of seed to plant I would really appreciate it. I have even planted it as late as January here. Please contact me at my e mail address which is above. I am not sure where you are located. Here in beautiful Tennessee we do enjoy a longer growing season. I love it here as opposed to the state of New York. Sincerely Ruth Klaver: Phone #932-277-5706

  2. Lillian Ropiak says:

    What is the name of the fertilizer garlic likes.

    • viv says:

      Kreher Enterprises LLC, PO Box 410, Clarence NY 14031 (716) 759-680

    • rick klaver says:

      garlic loves a good fertilizer in the early spring. a 20-20-20 or a 30-10-30 the first percentage is nitrogen which you can put on strong in the spring but none after that as it leads to much above ground growth an robs the bulbs of the chance to get the potassium and phosphorus that part of the plant needs. work as much organic mulch as you can into the soil, grass clippings, compost, hay , etc.. always save the large cloves for replanting. in cold states wait till late oct. to plant 4-6 inches deep as soon as 2 inches in spring mulch, mulch, mulch, or weed, weed, weed. that should start your crop if u want to know about harvesting email me.

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