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March 30, 2013

Legacy Barn

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  1. Diane Loverich says:

    Is the tart cherry juice the same effectiveness if you drink without adding to juice or water?

    • Tom Szulist says:

      The consideration is that the concentrate is acidic. (ph 3.5) The effectiveness should be the same. Having said that, I believe in plenty of pure water intake daily!

  2. Gary Meade says:

    Glad to see that not only are you producing good foods with great health benefits to the community, but also harnessing power in excess of your current need. I am excited when I see smart moves being made in regards to the employment of natural resources in a sustainable and practical way. A great model for a closed loop system is actually possible with your efforts.

  3. Paul h gates says:

    In the tart cherry juice concentrate it shows 25gm sugar is that added sugar or ???

  4. JosephBeigh says:

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  5. Mary C Parmelee says:


    How long does the cherry juice stay fresh after opening?

    Thank you

  6. Irrigationxch says:

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  7. Speakerguo says:

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